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!!!New 3.5oz CO2 R335 - 60 shots NEW!!!
9oz CO2 R345 - 450 shots
12oz CO2 R365 - 550 shots
20oz CO2 R385 - 1000 shots
24oz CO2 R 445 - 1500 shots
Please note all Co2 tanks are shipped empty .
If you require fill co2 tanks they can only be sent via road transport and you must request this when placing your order.
Tippmann 9oz CO2 Tank R385.00
This refillable tank meets or exceeds ASTM standards. Features new Safe Link™ safety valve. Expect 300-500 shots per fill.
Real Tree Hardwoods NEO Tank Covers
12 oz Tank Covers R 135.00      48/68cu Tank Covers R 165.00
The pattern is extremely versatile. Many hunters/paintballers find it unbeatable in rocky terrain. REALTREE HARDWOODS HD® also hides well in almost any winter or early spring setting, even when snow or green are present. The pattern is so neutral it simply disappears into virtually any outdoor setting.


12g co2 Tanks R12.00 each or 10 for R110.00


ULTRAIR CO2 Lubrication & Cleaning Cartridges 12g R185.00

Make cleaning and maintaining your CO2 gun a breeze! The new lubrication cartridges from ASG can be used in all CO2 powered paintballguns and Airsoft guns that use a 12g CO2 cartridge. In addition to the CO2 gas, the cartridges are also filled with 0.8 g of silicon oil that cleans and lubricates the valve while shooting, and at the same time provides all moving parts of the gun with a layer of oil that lowers friction and wear, resulting in smooth action, consistent accuracy and increased lifespan of all parts. 5x 12g per box


 JT 90g Disposable Co2 Tank R120.00


JT 90g Co2 Adaptor R85.00

  • Adaptor for 90gram CO2 tanks
  • Connects 90gram CO2 tank to any standard paintball marker
  • Work directly with the JT 90gram C02 Tank


Ballistics Air Tank 48ci R845.00

48ci / 3000psi
The BEST in Economical Air Tank Solutions.
• Manufactured from high grade aluminum for increased strength and reduced weight.


Ballistics 13ci Air Tank R850.00

13ci / 3000psi
The BEST in Economical Air Tank Solutions.
• Manufactured from high grade aluminum for increased strength and reduced weight.


TIPPMANN 13ci/3000psi HPA Air Tank R995

This compact lightweight HPA tank is great for keeping your loadout  tight and maneuverable.  Many paintball pistol and airsoft players use this with a remote line setup.  Expect to get 150 to 250 shots per fill with your paintball marker or 500 shots with your Tippmann M4 Carbine Airsoft Gun.

  • 13 cubic inch Aluminum Tank
  • 3000 PSI
  • 850 Output Pressure
  • Pressure Gauge


NINJA 13ci/3000psi HPA Tank R995.00

Ninja Paintball 13 ci 3000 psi Aluminum HPA Tank features: 

  • - 150+ shots per fill depending on marker
  • - Sonic Recharge Technology (SPT) piston, a plated aluminum piston that produces an industry leading recharge rate and virtually eliminates reg shoot down
  • - Shim Pressure Adjustment (SPA) that changes output pressure by adding or removing shims, not springs or pistons
  • – Mini Fill Valve, a non-wrist digging, low profile design
  • - Brass bonnet
  • - Super low response curve 0-50 psi from full to empty


Guerrilla Air 13ci/3000psi HPA Tank with G3 Regulator R1195.00


  • Extra low pressure tank; Ideal for Milsig and Tiberius markers
  • Low-profile, lightweight design
  • Built with high quality G3 regulator
Capacity: 13 Cubic Inches
Max Pressure: 3000psi
Dimensions: 230mm H x 50mm D


Ninja 48ci/3000psi Air Tank R995.00

The Ninja Paintball 48ci/3000 PSI Aluminum HPA tank is a DOT approved aluminum tank mounted with one of Ninja's supreme Regulators. Every one of the regulators mounted is an ATSM compliant (Bonnet Thread/DOT Burst Disk/Restrictor, Bleed Hole, and Safety Groove) Regulator made right here in the U.S.A that has an SRT piston (Sonic Recharge Technology), MFV (Mini Fill Valve) and a SPA (Shim Pressure Adjustment). These bad boys are hand crafted, factory tested and have a super low response curve of 0-50psi from full to empty.


Tippmann 48ci/3000psi HPA Tank R895.00

This compact lightweight HPA tank is Globally Certified, which means it's approved for use in the USA, Canada and Europe.  Many paintball and airsoft players use this with a remote line setup.  Expect to get 450 to 850 shots per fill with your paintball marker or 1900 shots with your Tippmann M4 Carbine Airsoft Gun.


  • Globally Certified
  • 48 cubic inch Aluminum Tank
  • 3000 PSI
  • 850 Output Pressure
  • Pressure Gauge



Empire 48ci HPA Tank R895.00

A perfect tank for any paintball marker that operates on High Pressure Air. This Empire Paintball 48cu/3000 PSI tank is Made In The USA. Features: * Lightweight Aluminum DOT and TC certified cylinders "Made in the USA" * 3000 PSI fill capacity with an 800 PSI output pressure * User replaceable Bonnet


Empire BT4  Horizontal Tank Adapter R625.00

Move's the location of your tank on your Marker horizontally under your barrel, will accept up to a 20oz.  the unit comes with a on/off switch,

Fits on  BT 4 combat and BT4 Slice paintball guns.


Ballistics Co2 on/off Tap R225.00

Replacement co2 bottle head with on/off tap


AG2 on/off Adapter with Gauge R325.00 out of stock

Simple on-off valve adapter that allows you to turn on/off your tank with a quick turn. This adapter also has
a pressure gauge which allows you the ability to know how much pressure is left in your tank. screws onto any existing pin value

Smart Parts On/Off Pre-Set Valve R385.00

This valve can screw onto any standard bottle and allows you to control the flow of air into you your marker. This can also act as an extender for players that want a longer set up, but do not want to use a drop-back rail. WARNING! Marker may still hold one shot in the regulator even after turning off.



Tiberius Arms on/off ASA R445.00

In-Line On/Off Adapter you can turn on or shut off your CO2  or  HPA- air cylinder without taking your air tank off. Keep's your marker from being pressurized when it is not being used - Push the Slide up and you are ready to go.


Ballistics CO2 Pin Valve R135.00

Replacement co2 bottle head with pin valve


Empire 3K Burst Disk R90.00

All CO2 and air bottles for paintball have a small nut on the side of the valve. This nut secures a small metal disk which is designed to burst and release pressure if the pressure inside the bottle becomes too high. This is the replacement part.


10 pack Urethane Regulator o-rings R50

This is one item that every paintball player needs to carry spares of! These high quality urethane O-rings work on all CO2 and HPA tanks

Some helpful tips to make your o-rings last longer:

  • - Put a very light coat of synthetic marker oil or grease on the o-ring periodically for a better seal and less friction.
  • - When removing your tank, do not simply unscrew the tank from the ASA. With all paint unloaded and barrel cover on, pull the trigger and cycle the marker while unscrewing the tank. This will bleed the pressure and prevent blowing the o-ring.
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    Xtreme-pro Quick Change R495 out of stock

    The Quick Change 12g CO2 Cylinder Adapter uses a single 12g disposable cylinder. It comes with a standard thread adapter that is compatible with  all standard paintball guns and markers. The 12g cylinder can put out about 20-30 charges and about 15-20 shots for paintball guns.


     Universal fill adapter for CO2 fill stations and remotes.  On off knob opens the pin valve on your tank and outputs it through the side 1/8 NPT female port.  Dust black anodized Aluminum


    Xtreme-pro Deluxe  Stainless Steel Hose Co2 Re-Fill Station R1195.00

    Xtreme-pro Deluxe Dual Valve Fill Station will fill all standard CO2 Tanks. It has a valve to release the CO2 and one to fill the CO2,

      A Steel Braided Hose Line make's for extra durability.

    SCUBA Air Tank Refill Station R695.00 out of stock


    Xtreme-pro Deluxe SCUBA Refill Station R795.00

    Paintball Scuba Fill Station HPA tank fill Adapter

    Paintball Scuba Fill Station allows you to fill high pressure nitrogen/compressed air tanks from scuba tank. The pressure gauge goes up to 5000psi.It has a tension knobs, quick disconnect and the seal ring. 
    Simply attach the Paintball Scuba Fill Station to your scuba tank and start filling.

    Works on Standard Scuba K-Valve, J-Valve and H-Valve. By attaching to a scuba tank, you can easily fill your paintball tank yourself.


    Tippmann Universal Remote Line R495.00

    Tippmann Universal Remote Coil Line attaches easily to the tank adapter. It connects and disconnects quickly under pressure.


    Tippmann Connex Remote Line With Full Pressure Quick Disconnect R685.00

    The Tippmann Connex Remote Line With Full Pressure Quick Disconnect is the simplest to use paintball remote line ever. The Tippmann Connex utilizes a Full Pressure Disconnect system. No more reaching back to turn off the tank or slidechecks that blow o-rings when you're in a hurry to get back on the field... with the Tippmann connex simply push a button to cut off pressure and disconnect from the marker. Push the quick disconnect fitting back in and your marker is back in operation. The Connex coiled hose is rated well beyond your marker's input pressure for safety, stretching and contracting with your movements.

    • - Full Pressure Quick Disconnect system - 3000 psi rated coiled remote - On/ off tank valve


    Xtreme-pro Deluxe  Remote coil with slide check R495.00

    Hose is a heavy duty coil remote line with quick disconnect that is very rugged and built to last. This is a great choice for those tired of their tank weighing down their paintball gun. Quick detach and on/off switch make this a great choice.


    Xtreme-pro Remote line GA coil R595.00

    The new Remote Hose uses a push button quick disconnect and allows for easy release without releasing the air in the hose or needing to disconnect from the tank first.
    Lighten your load and make things easy on that trigger finger!  Brand new remote Coil takes the weight off your gun and enables unbeatable mobility. Unlike Steel braided hoses, this Coil expands and contracts to fit whatever position you are in!
    4500 PSI Rating
    Rapid Release Push Button Disconnect
    No Slip Grip Knurled ASA on/off adapter
    Quick Change Tool-Less Maintenance
    Standard 1/8" NPT Threads

    Multicam Remote coil cover  R185.00

    Stop those undergrowth 'tangle ups' and blend your remote line into the background with this great remote line cover from Xtreme-pro


    Valken Remote Coil Cover R195.00


    Guerrilla Air Neoprene 68ci Tank Cover R295.00


    • Guerrilla Air Paintball Tank Cover - 68ci - Black
    • Zippered and locking Velcro closures.
    • Leveled Guerrilla Air logos for extra grip.
    • Non–slip glue dots to ensure shouldering under any condition.
    • Extra long zipper to easily unveil your tank date of expiration to the air fillers.



    48cu/68cu and 20 oz co2, air tank cover R145

    Neoprene Tank Covers offer another way to conceal you from your opponent. They are lightweight, easily cleaned, professional looking and they protect your Air/ CO2 tank.
    Over sized zipper provides ease of use while putting on, or removing from your tank.
    Velcro closure strap ensures a tight fit around the neck of the tank.
    Xtreme-pro rubber logo




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