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GXG Standard 200 Round Hopper R 65

In paintball, you really can't live without a hopper so why not do it in style with this black 200rd loader from Gen X Global.


GXG 50 Round Hopper R75


DYE Proto Primo Hopper R335

The patent pending Proto Primo Loader is the first of its kind with a positive feed shelf designed to relieve pressure on paint reducing jams and increasing feed rate. Powered by minimal agitation of the gun, the Primo Loader helps sort and funnel as you shoot for a consistent vertical feed. comes with a clear spring lid for easy reload. The large opening works well with proto alpha pods for the ultimate paint carrying system. large capacity durable shell holds 200 paintballs and makes for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Featuring an 8+ (or 8-10) balls per second feet rate.........and no batteries required. FeaturesFeaturing an 8+ (or 8-10) balls per second feed rate.........and no batteries requiredPowered by minimal agitation of the gun, the Primo Loader helps sort and funnel as you shoot for a consistent vertical feedThe patent pending Proto Primo Loader is the first of its kind with a positive feed shelf designed to relieve pressure on paint reducing jams and increasing feed rate.Comes with a clear spring lid for easy reload.The large opening works well with Proto Alpha pods for the ultimate paint carrying system.Large capacity durable shell holds 200 paintballs.


EMPIRE BT4 MAGFED  Loader R395out of stock

New from Xtreme-pro the BT4 Series Mag-feed injector loader is sleek in designed and sits flush with your marker eliminating large bulky hoppers. This loader is ideal for security and self defense.

  • Replaces BT Picatinny-Mounted Feed Elbows 
  • Feed tube mounts forward or backward
  • Quick reload 10 rounds loader


Tac Cap Hopper R225

The Tippmann Cyclone feed TAC-CAP is designed for use as a low profile alternative to the stock loader. The TAC-CAP is user sizable, and can be easily cut down into three different heights, which is adjustable to either 32, 44, or 56 rounds. The TAC-CAP has plenty of clearance for optical sighting systems, and is perfect for Tactical Training or Scenario use. You can also add any cyclone feed loader to the top of the TAC-CAP to add even more paintballs.

* Designed for a low profile for the scenario player
* Fits Tippmann A5, X7, and all Custom 98 Cyclone feed systems
* Comes with 3 stages
* Stage 1 Holds 32 Balls, Stage 2 Holds 44 Balls, Stage 3 Holds 56 balls
* Allows you to add any cyclone feed hopper on top



Empire BT4 Feed Neck R175

 BT Replacement Feed Elbow for BT4 Combat and Bt4 Slice


MILSIG M17 Hopper Feed Neck Adapter R195


Stove Pipe Offset Adapter R125

The Tippmann A-5 MP Stovepipe Hopper Adapter offsets the hopper on your Cyclone Feed, giving you a clean line of sight down the top of your marker. This allows the use of scopes, red dot sights and sight rails.


Low Profile Hopper with Xtreme-pro Feed Gate R245

The Xtreme-pro Feed Gate allows you to easily dump a pod of paint into your loader without ever opening or closing a lid. The weight of the paintballs push down on the one way paddles for a speedy loading process.


Xtreme-pro Low Profile Hopper with Feed Neck R 295

• Low profile ergonomic design
• Designed to Fit any paintball marker with a feed neck system.
• Capacity: 200 rounds, gravity fed



A.R.C  Mag Loader System R795

1x  Low Profile, Cyclone/Rip Clip compatible A.R.C. LOADERTM (Works with Cyclone and Rip Clip feeders only) 1x 50 Round A.R.C. LOADERTM magazine


Empire BT Rip Clip 2016 R1550

The Empire BT Rip Clip was designed for use with Empire BT markers for a side-mounted force-feed loader that does not spoil your aim.


Tippmann Cyclone Feed System  R1495

The new A-5 Cyclone Feed system is now available for your  98 platinum marker,sierra one and bravo one.  The cyclone system islinked to the air system for synchronized ball feeding.  Reduces breakage and jamming.
The faster you shot, the faster it feeds!  up to 15 balls per second.


  • Uses Sound Technology to Feed Paintballs
  • Radio Frequency Compatible for Ultra-Quiet Guns and Reliability*
  • Picatinny Rail System for Accessories
  • Built-in Rip Drive
  • 200+ Paintball Capacity
  • 15+bps Feed Ratio
  • 3 Adjustable Speed and Sound Settings
  • Automatic Ball Stack Monitoring
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive
  • Fits Combat, Omega, ERC, Delta, Delta Elite,

Speed Feeds For DYE Rotor R155

Atlas Lime, Black,Cubics red


GXG 1000 Ball Caddy R395

Available in: Olive,clear, grey, black and red

Holds up to 1000 paintballs
Large pour spout
Heavy duty grip handle


D-Lock Tactical Pods R85.00

The D-Lock Lid tactical  Pod is designed to easily open with a slide of your thumb, but guaranteed to stay closed during rugged play.
• Sturdy construction
• Great look and feel
• Black Lid and smoke colour
• Holds 160 paintballs


Paintball Pods 100 Rounds R45

No one likes pods that break. These 100 Round Paintball Pods are some of the toughest on the market! They feature a spring loaded lid that snaps securely to keep your paintballs safe and dry.
100 Round Paintball Pods features: 

  • - Tough high impact plastic
  • - Spring loaded snap lid
  • - 100 count capacity
  • - Fit in virtually all pod packs


GXG Snap lid 140 Round Pods R60

The GXG 140rd pods are an extremely popular pod line as they fit in all 140rd style pod packs and pod pouches. These pods are extremely affordable and come in bright vibrant colours that can be easily identified on the field if left behind. Simple snap close lid with spring assited opening for easy loading when you need that lid to stay open or stay shut when closed. 


  • Holds up to 140 paintballs of the .68 caliber size
  • Vibrant Colours helps you locate the paintball pods when you leave them behind on the field
  • Snap Close Lid securely holds the paintballs in place so you don't have to worry about them popping off
  • Spring Assisted Lid opens the pod quickly and without any fuss so you don't have to keep it open




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