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Smoke EFX -  Mega Smoke  R110.00 Each Per Tube

Non-toxic smoke signalling and screening device-smoke effects for film production, photography and war games.

Smoke tubes have a smoke output time of 60 seconds and  are activated via a fuse.

Colours available are: Pink, White, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Green


Smoke EFX - Mega Smoke Assorted Colours Pack  R600.00

Pack consists of 6 x Mega Smoke Tubes.Each tube has a smoke time of 60 seconds

One of each colour in the pack : Pink, White, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Green


First Strike Rounds R110

Utilizing a combination of aerodynamic shape and fin stabilization technology, First Strike projectiles maintain their velocity longer. The result is 50% greater range and unrivaled accuracy. Finally players have an alternative to accuracy by volume or backspin gimmicks that simply change trajectory. Become one of the first true paintball snipers with First Strike. 


G.I. Sportz 1 Star Paintballs R485

Engineered for consistent performance, Dual tone shell for use with all markers,  Bio-Fill Formula


G.I. Sportz 2 Star Paintballs R585

A ball of impeccable quality. High breakability combined with “hard to wipe” bright fills giving excellent splat coverage on impact. Designed to withstand the highest rates of fire and varying climatic conditions with extreme accuracy.


DRAXXUS Rainbow R495
Rainbow paintballs are a mix of many different brands that Draxxus makes. You will receive a mix of brands like Hellfire, Dusk, Scorch, Inferno etc.

Diablo Heat R545

Heat™ is the most familiar and popular entry level paint in the world. Its superb quality and consistent fill makes it the perfect choice for the paintball newcomer or cost-conscious player. Put these paintballs in your marker and see if the opposition can withstand the Heat.


RPS Evil paintballs R875

RPS Evil Paintballs are the top of the line paint that winning tournament teams use. The tournament level shell has a perfect thickness and the fill is super bright for competitive play. If you are serious about paintball you better use Evil,


Diablo Formula 13 R585

This performance oriented, two-tone metallic ball continues to be a premier field ball and a hot choice for local and regional events. Formula 13™ is a quality ball that will exceed the expectations of every recreational player.

• Premier paintball for recreational or field use
• Two-tone shells break on impact
• Fill marks but doesn’t stain


Empire Marballizer R595

Harness the innovative Empire Advantage Technology to keep balls flying straight and always breaking on target.  These perfect spheres are built to withstand humidity and other elements that can take their toll on paintball performance. Marballizer is the paint of choice for some of the world’s finest teams.


Empire Premium R650

The paint that set the industry standard for accuracy and reliable performance continues its tradition today. Empire Premium® Paintballs are still the #1 selling paintball in the world.  Premium® paintballs use patented breakthrough technology to produce one of the finest balls in the history of the sport.


JT  Nuke Bunker R395

The JT Nuke Bunker provides you all the versatility you need to Get in the Game! The Nuke can act as an obstacle to run around, cover from fire when playing against your friends, or as a target using the reusable bullseye. Standing at almost 3 feet tall, the Nuke Bunker provides ample coverage, while the base fills with water for stability. Throw a few Nuke Bunkers in the yard, and you have a game field ready for play.


Empire BT-M8 Paintball Grenade R100.00

The BT Paint Grenades are will with the legendary RPS paint fill Paint Grenade


  • Uses genuine RPS Advanced Formula paint
  • Sprays paint in excess of 30 feet
  • Grenade throws paint in an arc
  • Bright yellow fill leaves a substantial mark
  • 8 ozs. of paint ammunition


Kingman .43cal 200 paintball R175



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