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Paintball Ammunition Used For Crowd Control, Deterring Pests and home Defence. We Offer our Xtreme-pro range of security rounds, Rubber Rounds, Solid rounds, Less Lethal Ammunition and  PAVA-Pepperballs.

In South Africa it is not against the law to protect yourself with a paintball gun,
Paintball gun's have been  proven to be one of the most effective ways of crime prevention in many states and thought the word.
Its Fast, light weight and Easy to use.

Xtreme-pro Skull Breakers© 100 Rounds R160.00

Personal and Military self protection Less lethal rounds .68 cal, 3.5g per ball

These projectiles are extremely dense injection molded Nylon rounds designed for maxim impact and distance.They are also used to break vehicular and structural glass upon impact during hostage or barricade incidents and are ideally followed by pepper ball rounds.Please use skull Breakers© responsibly.



Xtreme-pro Warning Shots 100 Rounds R150.00 
Less lethal PVC rubber rounds will let your receiver know about it the less lethal way.
Black colour hide the round at night surprising your intruder not you.
These rounds are softer than skull breakers and will not bounce back .68 cal and 3.8 grams per round


Xtreme-pro Mil Spec Pepper Ball Pod /10 Rounds R175.00

Xtreme-pro pepperball rounds contain extremely high levels of capsaicin and other enhancing agents. 2.2g per ball



A pepperball projectile, also called a pepper-spray ball, is a hard plastic ball filled with a powdered chemical that irritates eyes ,nose and breathing. Shot from any paintball gun a fragile ball which breaks upon impact and releases a super irritant powder called PAVA (capsaicin II) pepper.

 Duke Pepper Grenade Kit R485.00

Our grenades that are filled with pepper are about 40% filled to leave enough space for the gas build up and explosion.  Ourgrenades have a 3 seconds detonation time after which it creates a direct pepper cloud dispersion of about a 4 meter diameter where after the wind picks it up to easily  to

create a 10-15 meter cloud depending on the wind speed and humidity.  

The core is reusable so you only need to order empty outer shells or pepper filled shells and you are ready to go.

  The grenade is set off by a 12gram CO2 Gas Canister - needs to be replace with each use.

Warning: These are not toys and are for millitary and security company use ,The explosion is at 120 decibels which is loud enough to hear a few blocks away.

Grenades come in kit form pre use assembly is required .


Duke Grenade Manual PDF


Xtreme-Pro Non Lethal Training Rounds R50.00 /100 rounds

Leaves a  Non permanent  splats which can easily be wiped off, or cleaed off with water.

 Rounds are soft, making them perfect for security and Less Lethal Training. (Shell colour may vary)


Xtreme-pro Less Lethal Ball Latch R85.00
Now available for Tippmann and BT markers.
The new ball latch adopts advanced polymer matrix composites and is designed for Less lethal applications in the markers.


Tippmann TiPX R4595.00 + Free Carry Case

• Metal Trigger Punctures C02 On First Pull
• 2 Self-Locking 7-Ball true feed Magazine Clips
• Quick Release Magazine Feed System
• Under Barrel 12 Gram C02 Air System
• Easy To Load 1/4 Turn C02 Cap
• External Velocity Adjuster
• Internal Regulator
• Ability to Add Remote Line
• Ergonomically Designed Grip
• Removable Barrel with X7,A5,BT Threads
• Maintenance kit is included
• Deluxe carrying case is included
• Effective Range: 35 to 50 meters


TiPX Less Lethal P1 R4995.00 + Free Carry Case

The Less Lethal P1 Kit provides a Non-Lethal solution in situations where needed.

Compact, lightweight design

Pre-set for maximum impact - maximum velocity

Effective range 20 to 35m with a total range of 50 to 75m - Laser range of 100m

Quick release 7 round magazine system

Quick change 12g CO2 propellant chamber - 20 shots/12g cilynder

 PI Less Lethal Kit includes: TiPX, 2 magazines, Pod/10 Skull breakers, Pod/10 Warning shots,  Red laser sight,

5 X 12g co2 tanks, safety barrel plug, barrel cleaner and tool kit


TiPX Less Lethal P2 R4895.00

 P2 Less Lethal Kit includes: TiPX, 2 magazines, Pod/10 Skull breakers, Pod/10 Warning shots, Holster

5 X 12g co2 tanks, safety barrel plug, barrel cleaner and tool kit


TiPX Less Lethal P3 R4695.00

TiPX, 2 magazines, 50 Riot balls, 5 X 12g co2 tanks, safety barrel plug, tool kit and free carry case.


Tactical Carbine  Less Lethal Kit M1 R4295.00

The Less Lethal M1 Kit provides a Non-Lethal soloution in situations where needed.

Compact tactical design , lightweight

Pre-set for maxamim impact - maximum velosity

Effective range 10 to 45m with a total range of 50 to 75m

Quick release 18 round magazine system

50 shot CO2 propelent tank

 M1 Less Lethal Kit includes: TMC, 2  magazines, Pod 10 Skull breakers, Pod 10 warning shotsand tool kit

optional hopper and hopper addapter kit + R185


GOBLIN Solo Pistol Kit R1695.00

The world's smallest Pepper Ball Launcher, the GOBLIN SOLO is a single-shot pistol that uses a rechargeable Cartridge.
Interchangeable 'barrels' on the Cartridge enable the firing of .68 caliber Pepper / paintballs at the velocity of 250 fps
When the SOLO is fired, the entire charge of air is used to launch the Pepper/paintball. The SOLO can be stored or transported together with 4 or 5 loaded cartridges, enabling the user to reload and shoot multiple rounds if necessary. 

Kit includes: Lancher, 2 X Cartriges, Recharging adapter, 12g co2 adapter and 3 X 12g co2


Goblin Pistol Holster R295


BT Combat Self Defence Kit R2695.00

The BT Combat self defence  Kit provides a Non-Lethal soloution in situations where needed.

Compact, lightweight design, Pre-set for maxamim impact - maximum velosity

Effective range of 30 to 45M with a total range of 80m

Micro Co2 tank and Hopper capastiy of 50 shots/rounds.

BT Combat self defence  Kit includes:  3.5oz CO2, Hopper and 50 skull breakers.



BT Combat Self Defence Kit With Horizontal on/off R3450.00

Empire BT4 combat with Empire horizontal on/off co2 switch, 3.5oz Co2, Hopper and 50 skull breakers

Upgrades Available: Tactical Stock +R595, larger 9oz Co2 Tank +R50


Hammer 7 Pump Action Self Defence Kit R2495

  • The Hammer 7 uses a 9 round magazine that can feed .68 calibre rounds or First Strike rifled rounds without modification.
  • The pump handle and .45 grip frame are built from a super tough yet light weight high impact polymer for durability and easy handling.
  • Hammer 7 kit includes:  Magazine, 3.5oz Co2, 50 skull breakers, Barrel Blocking Device, Spare Parts Kit, and Service Tools


MR6 DLS Less Lethal- Self Defence Kit R4295.00

The Spyder MR6 Self Defence Marker features the “DLS” Dual Loading System capable of shooting .68 Calibre rounds through a standard top loading hopper and lower mag-feed system. The innovative “DLS” Dual Loading System utilizes a unique patent pending design that enables the user to interchange the loading system with a quick turn of the barrel allowing the switch between a traditional top loading hopper and a lower magazine feed system. The Spyder MR6 is equipped to feed First Strike™ ammo through the included 9 round magazine.

 Spyder MR6, 3.5oz co2 tank

50 skull breakers, Hopper and 1 X Magazine


 Less Lethal Tactical Compact Rifle S.D Kit R8500.00

Tactical Compact Rifle, 2 magazines, Xtreme-pro Skull Breakers/50, 5 X 12oz co2 and Xtreme-pro Mil Spec pepperball rounds pod/10


Target Accurate up to 60Ft. / 30meters;

Area Saturation to 0-175ft. / 0-55meters.


Mechanical Semi-Auto;

No batteries required;

Deployed at 300+ ft. per second


Lightweight design suitable for a variety of tactical and operational situations.


Quick release 12 rd. and 8 rd. magazines.

Optional 180 round gravity fed ammo box available.


ASG SAS 12 Gauge Pump Action - 3 Burst R1495.00

A short version of the 3-shot Franchi, this Sportline shotgun uses the realistic looking shells and is made with a metal outer barrel. This is, like its bigger brother (Ref. 16061), a shotgun that will enjoy great respect amongst your friends. So if you need something a bit more compact for urban hunting this is the right choice for you KIT: GUN, Speedlaoder, tactical sling,2 X 30rd shells and sample pack of rounds

  • Length:700mm/28,0inch
  • Barrel length:350mm/14,0inch
  • Mag. Capacity:30 rounds - 3 BB burst with each shot
  • Velocity:85ms/280fps
  • Weight:1200g


Xtreme-Pro 6mm Steel -  Pump Action Ammo R210.00

Keep your ammo supply high with Xtreme-pro .30g 6mm Pro Airsoft BBs (1000 Rounds per bottle) for your Gun. It is recommended that .30g or heavier BBs are used in high end  Airsoft Guns. A heavier BB will be more consistent and accurate compared to .12g BBs.


ASG 12 Gauge Shot Gun Shell's R125.00 each

ASG pump action shotgun shells for the 12 gague BB shot guns. Each shell holds 30 - 6mm BB rounds.


Piexon Guardian Angel II Pepper Spray Pistol R695.00

The Piexon Guardian Angel II Disposable Pepper Spray Pistol is disposable self defense pepper spray gel pistol, designed to effectively stop and disable any attacker unlucky enough to face the business-end of this non-lethal weapon, range of up to 4 meters



JPX Jet Protector Pepper Pistol R4495.00

The JPX Pepper Gun is the most functional and most powerful hand-held OC delivery system available

The patented propulsion system launches high grade OC solution at 650 kph with an effective range of  7 meters +

Each magazine contains two charges, and quickly snaps on the frame

The power of each payload combined with reloading makes the JPX Pepper Gun extremely effective

1 X JPX Standard Chassis orange,1 x Two Shot OC Magazine 1.5% OC,1 x User Manual


JPX 2 Shot Cartridge R795.00

1 x OC 2-Shot Magazine 10ml
10% Oleoresin Caspicum
2.5% Capsaicinoids
400,000 Scoville Heat Units


  • GAS'M Pepper Spray Grenade 110ml R185.00
  • Ideal for crowd control and riots, easy to use just Press cap down firmly and deploy.
    Shelf life around 3/4 years if stored correctly.....
    Attackers will feel the effects for hours !
    Super Hot 15% OC Capsicum

  • alt
Security Handcuffs Hinged R135.00
100 % made in South Africa
All parts made from steel (Pickle in Oil) with internal parts case hardened.
Double tumbler locking system.
High tensile spring (56-58 HRC).
Reinforced steel swivel - chain handcuff or 5 mm solid hinge - link handcuff. 
13 Locking position on 4 mm thick ratchet. 
Handcuff cheeks - 2 mm thick per side. 
Handcuffs are nickel plated for reinforcing, scratch and wear resistant. 
Individually packed with 2 keys.
Weight per handcuff - 400 grams. 
Static diameter - 50 mm (cuff inside diameter). 
Static load approximately 1 500 N (pulling force).
Telescopic Steel Baton  R185.00

Special Features:

  • Material: steel - Extendible and retractable -Easy to carry - Length: 195 to 500mm - Tension strength: 1,000N



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